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Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Britain’s chemical and pharmaceutical industry has been called the “heart of the UK economy”.

It makes up an eighth of our manufacturing, and is worth a cool £60 billion– so you won’t be surprised that engineering construction plays an important part in this success.

There are 10,000 or so engineering construction specialists whose job it is to design, construct, install, test, commission, decommission and maintain the processing and manufacturing plant on which the UK’s huge chemical and pharmaceutical business relies.

The UK’s hotspot

It’s predicted that number will increase by around 5% in the next ten years, and that doesn’t include replacing people who retire from the business or move on, nor growing opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

It all adds up to a big job opportunity. The UK’s hotspot for chemicals and pharmaceuticals is North-East England, home to a massive 58% of our petrochemical output and 35% of the pharmaceutical business. One huge company recently brought manufacturing back to the UK from India because of the efficiency of the UK plant. Another invested £370million in the largest low density polyethylene plant in the world. Elsewhere, a new £300 million biopharmaceutical factory was created – and so were 1,000 jobs.

As engineering construction workers play such an important role in creating and operating these plants, the chemistry could be right for a great career move.