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Renewable energy

Wind’s taking off, marine is magic, bio is booming!

Britain’s energy sector is going through a renewal.

It will soon become a revolution. By choosing a career in engineering construction you can be part of it.  Green technologies are growing and so are the opportunities in jobs that will deliver them.

There’s already a shortage of skilled engineering construction workers in the renewable energy sector, and it’s just the beginning. Four times as many will be needed by 2020 than were working in it in 2008. That’s a lot of skilled jobs.

So what exactly are ‘renewables’?

‘Renewables’ means ‘renewable energy sources’. That is, energy from resources that don’t run out. They just keep going! They tend to be clean and reliable too, which is also good! Renewables where engineering construction plays a part include wind, marine and biomass energy.

A career in renewables presents fantastic work opportunities. Not just for the technological developments you’ll be involved in, and the work you’ll do to help secure the country’s energy resources (and improve its environment), but also because thousands of new jobs are happening already!

£100 billion of investment

The UK already puts £1 billion a year into renewable power generation, but that still only produces about 5% of our electricity. There’s a lot of work still to be done! It’s calculated the renewable power generation sector will need £100 billion of investment and around 500,000 employees to achieve the targets in the EU Renewable Energy Directive in 2009.

Wind energy